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Telephone Crisis Prevention

The heart of CONTACT is the 24-hour, 7-day a week phone line staffed by compassionate volunteers who have each completed a certified training course, supplemented with continuing education and re-certification courses throughout the year. CONTACT volunteers listen to, give referrals to and empower callers who:
  • Are considering suicide
  • Are victims of domestic violence or sexual abuse
  • Are struggling with drug or alcohol dependency
  • Have lost a job and are encountering financial problems
  • Need an empathic listener because they are lonely or discouraged and have no one else in their lives.

National Hopeline Network (1-800-SUICIDE)
Our telephone volunteers help thousands of callers each year. Because of the unique and comprehensive nature of its program, CONTACT Crisis Line was selected to participate in the 1-800-SUICIDE Hopeline Network, accepting calls nationally, as well as in our local area.
Information and Referral
When further assistance is needed, CONTACT telephone volunteers provide callers with up-to-date information and referrals to other community agencies that can help them. These include direct referrals to shelters, alcohol and drug abuse programs, employment assistance programs and mental health professionals.
Teen CONTACT Program

Teen CONTACT provides education, outreach and help line services to Dallas area youth. Teen CONTACT offers teens a free, 24-hour telephone help line, staffed by trained adult volunteers who can respond to the concerns of teens in the midst of a crisis or problem in a confidential and nonjudgmental manner. Click to visit the NEW Teen CONTACT website!

In addition to the help line, presentations and educational resources on teen-related issues are also available for the Dallas area. Teen CONTACT interacts with schools, counselors, PTA groups, religious groups, community agencies and other youth-focused organizations that are interested in learning more about teen-related matters.

CONTACT is excited to announce a new program of Teen CONTACT, the Gatekeeper Training Program. The Gatekeeper Training Program is a new educational outreach program of CONTACT Crisis Line that will establish a network of community individuals who are trained to recognize and respond to teens showing signs of crisis.

The Gatekeeper Training Program is an hour-and-a-half interactive session. It is presented by the Director of the Teen Program of CONTACT Crisis Line in an interesting and informative format. Participants learn the warning signs and risk factors of stress, depression and suicide. More importantly Gatekeepers are taught exactly how to seek help for a teen who is in crisis. Please click here to read Frequently Asked Questions about the Gatekeeper program.


Please call the CONTACT office at 972-233-0866 or e-mail us for more information or to schedule a presentation. For more information about Teen CONTACT, click here.



Emergency Aid Program
The CONTACT Emergency Aid Program offers free emergency aid transportation to those individuals in dangerous or life-threatening situations by providing them with taxi cab transportation to a safe place, such as a local shelter or hospital. The program is also designed to assist those in need through the distribution of transportation passes, such as bus tickets, to help them find or begin employment or to get to a hospital for treatment.
Community Education and Outreach
We provide speakers to educate the community about CONTACT's services, as well as volunteer opportunities available here. At CONTACT, we provide knowledgeable speakers, free of charge, to speak to your group. In some instances, speakers may also be available to present on various mental health topics. CONTACT has access to many mental health professionals and educators in the community. If there is a specific topic that you and your group would like to know more about, CONTACT can either provide a speaker for you or refer you to individuals and organizations that may fit your particular needs. Please call 972-233-0866 with inquiries.


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