CONTACT has a range of programs to respond to any crisis or problem that individuals in our community may be facing.. We are unique among Greater Dallas crisis prevention and intervention organizations because we combine three empowering services:

  • 24/7 free, confidential help lines
  • Immediate emergency support
  • Unique crisis prevention outreach

We immediately provide assistance and link people to the right resources so they can move forward. We strive to help our callers and others in the community better understand what causes a crisis, how to cope in a crisis and how to provide hope for those in a crisis.

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Did You Know?

Contact Connection

supports the call center volunteers and staff and promotes community awareness of CONTACT.

Contact Professionals

are dedicated to creating a greater awareness among young professionals ages 25 to 45 in the Dallas.

CONTACT receives approximately 40,000 calls each year from individuals that often need more than empathy and a listening ear; they need a solution to the problem.